We have 2 official group rides during the week, and “pickup rides” most other days.

Our standard speed group ratings:

A = 26mph+
B+ = 23-25mph
B = 22-24mph
C+ = 20-22mph
C = 19-21mph
D = 14-18mph NO DROP

Routes of 25, 30, and 35 miles are available.

Wednesday Nights (Wednesday Night Worlds!)

During daylight savings time only. We leave at 6:00 from Main Street in Lakewood Ranch after a short safety briefing.

Saturday Mornings (Bacon Ride!)

We ride the Saturday morning “Pancake Ride” all year round. We leave at 7:30am from Main Street in Lakewood Ranch at 7:30am after a short safety briefing.

We also have “pick-up” rides almost daily announced on our facebook page, and typically do a long ride on Sundays. We send out groups based on speed. None of our groups are “No Drop” except our D group, so choose your group wisely if you don’t know the route!

Muffin Run

The last Sunday of each month from March – September, we go on a “Muffin Run” to the tip of Anna Maria Island for a muffin, and back. There are two distance options, leave from Starbucks in Lakewood Ranch at 7:15am or leave from the Sailor Statue at Marina Jack around 8:00am when the riders from Lakewood Ranch get there. It’s about 45 miles if you leave from the Sailor Statue, or 65 from Lakewood Ranch.

Check out the Calendar for upcoming rides.

We also support rides from other clubs and the various bike shops in town, if they don’t compete with ours, or even if they do, in the case of charity rides or special events.