I am not just a cyclist. When I don my cycling gear, I am often not looked at as a person by non-cyclist drivers and law enforcement officers. They see the spandex, helmets, glasses, and I’m transformed in their eyes into just a cyclist. They forget we’re mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters. Interested in participating? Click Here

I am not just a cyclist. I am your…


Gisselle, Jewelry Designer
I am your jewelry designer. I love yoga, art, children, animals, and nature. I ride for fun and to maintain my fitness with an awesome group of people. PLEASE if you see a cyclist riding out of the bike lane understand there is a good reason for it,  ie… glass, debris, or holes in the road that I need to avoid. Please just give me just a little extra time and space.

Sean Dotson, Owner, RND Automations
I am your small business owner. I am a professional engineer, a husband, and a father of two. I ride for both pleasure and in competition. When I’m on the road with my fellow cyclists, I want automobiles to understand that I am a human being and that your aggressive driving can cause me great harm. Please share the road with us.

Ian Ware, Photographer
I am your Photographer. I am a husband, father, brother, son, and uncle. I am a cyclist for the fitness and freedom it gives. Please remember we share the road, and give us at least 3 feet when you pass. The life you save may be mine.

Jim Basch, Retired Sales Manager

I am your Retired Sales Manager. I am a husband, father, brother, grandfather and uncle. I cycle to maintain good health and enjoy the great outdoors. Please watch for cyclists and pass with at least 3 feet of distance between us.

Chris Welty, Tire Education Specialist

I am your Tire Education Specialist I am a husband, father, uncle and friend. I ride for stress relief, comraderie, fitness and a chance to get outside. It is a huge planet. Please share our roads with me!

Dr. Francisco Marcano, DDS.

I am your dentist! I am a husband, father, son, uncle and friend. I ride to stay healthy so that I can see my children grow and I can grow old with my wife.

Bill Kics , Gov. Contract Manager

I am your Government Contract Manager!  I am a Husband, a father, an Uncle/Great Uncle, a brother, a son and a Sarasota native.  I ride for transportation to and from work, I ride fun and to spend quality time with friends and I ride for exercise.  Please watch out for cyclists!


Dr. Yaniris R. Avellanet , Surgeon

I am your Cosmetic Surgeon!  I am who I am… a citizen of the world!  I ride my bike for fitness, fun, & freedom!  Be cautious, share the road with us!

Dr. Edgardo Aponte, OBGYN

I am your obstetrician and gynecologist!  I love my job!  I like to serve and help people!  I ride for fitness and fun!  I feel free and adventurous on the road!  Slow your speed when passing me!


SFC Jaime Cancel – Soldier, US Army

I am your Soldier. I am a father, a husband, a brother, a son and my passion is to ride bikes! Please share the road, our lives are in your hands. Pass at a safe distance!

Mike Mobar – CEO

I am your CEO. I am a business owner, a husband, a father, a brother, an uncle, and I ride my bike for exercise and to stay healthy. Please don’t run me over!

Paul Troyer – I.T. Manager

I am your Information Technology Manager. I am a brother, husband, father, and grandfather. I cycle because it’s a low impact way to maintain my fitness, and I enjoy being outdoors. Please give me 3 feet of space when passing!

Sherri Giltner  – H.R. Manager

I am your Human Resources Manager. I am also a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and niece. I ride my bike for exercise, stress relief, camaraderie, and just for the fun of it. Please watch for Cyclists!