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VICC Participates in 2017 Tour de Cure

This year the Village Idiots Tour de Cure team has 6 Champions to Stop Diabetes (Jeff Adams, Lisa Michel, Bryan Balak, Ian C. Ware, John Walsh, Carlos A. Borge). Each raised over $1000 for the American Diabetes Association. In total, all participating VICC members generated $10,535.01 in 2017. Sound impressive? VICC has contributed $110,030.01 since 2011. We are very proud of our members.

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Village Idiots Cycling Club assists Bayside Church 24/7 Group

This morning the VICC started preparing around 40 members of Bayside Curch’s 24/7 group to ride their first 60 miles in a fundraising triathlon event! They recieved pace line instruction, bicycle inspection, and then went on a 9 mile ride to practice their new skills. The students seemed to enjoy it and the VICC instructors had a good time as well!

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