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VICC Members Look Forward to Last CX Race of the Season

The VICC is looking forward to the last Cyclocross race of the season on Sunday, Jan 19th. It’s been a fun year of racing with new members participating in the growing sport of CX! We’re looking forward to going up to Little Everglades Ranch for the Cyclocross State Championships with Team RND Racing brough to you by VICC. Come on up and heckle, give out handups, and cheer on our local racers!

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Village Idiots Cycling Club assists Bayside Church 24/7 Group

This morning the VICC started preparing around 40 members of Bayside Curch’s 24/7 group to ride their first 60 miles in a fundraising triathlon event! They recieved pace line instruction, bicycle inspection, and then went on a 9 mile ride to practice their new skills. The students seemed to enjoy it and the VICC instructors had a good time as well!

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